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Bosch MX30EK-33 Multi-X Oscillating Tool Kit Review

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

The basic requirements of tasks vary from one surface to another and an efficient tool will ideallyBosch MX30EK-33 meet such demands. The Bosch MX30EK-33 comes bundled with 33 accessories in one single oscillation kit which is meant to help professionals complete every work with precision and efficiency.

It is a power packed product with high power motor that is designed for heavier applications and for hard surfaces. The MX30EK-33 tool is powered by constant response circuitry system which makes sure consistent power is maintained even when under load. Integrated on/off switch and easy to hold design puts the versatile power right in the hands of the user.

Combining the best of power, versatile usability and assured convenience, the multi-x oscillating tool from Bosch suits both repair and renovation work. It has variable speed control and a user friendly accessory adjustment system which saves time, besides adding efficiency to the results.

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A closer look at the Bosch MX30EK-33

Ergonomic, slim design

At first look, the Bosch MX30EK-33 is impressive and boasts of premium quality, heavy duty finish. The default color of the product is deep blue which is integrated with comfort soft grip rubber on both front and the rear. It increases comfort when using the machine for prolonged hours and provides high level of grip for slip-free cutting.

Bosch MX30EK-33 review

The sleek, ergonomic design facilitates sanding or scraping in tight or small corners without difficulty. No mar plastic ribs secure vertical surface below the tool from damages. Variable speed dial provides complete control to the user.

Motor size and power

Bosch-MX30EK-33-3aPowered by a reliable, heavy duty 3.0 amp motor, the oscillating tool is certified for its ability to handle heavy applications with professional ease and precision. Multi-tool oscillation allows users to do cut flush or plunge cuts with precision but without damaging the exteriors of the work area. The working mechanism of oscillating tool is safe because it seldom kicks back like other fast rotating tools.

Cutting depth range

Designed to make door jamb cuts easy, the Bosch MX30EK-33 features a flat nose. The design facilitates up to 13/16” cutting depth range when 3 to 1/2” inch standard segment blades are used. The integration helps significantly in getting flush cutting doorjambs as well as other applications.

It has the capability to switch between 8,000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute. The oscillating angle is 2.8 degrees in total, with 1.4 degrees for left and right directions.

Tool-less lever change system

The oscillation kit comes bundled with a variety of accessories including three different blades for plunge cuts, a single grout and a segment blade. It also includes rasp and scraper blade for specific purposes.


The tool-less accessory change lever simplifies the process and allows users to swap between OIS accessories. You don’t need a wrench or screwdriver to do this task which saves time and increases efficient completion.

Additional information

Bosch MX30EK-33 comes with a limited one year warranty and is made of hard plastic, so is very durable. The Bosch-MX30EK-33-7aproduct measures 3.75” x 11” inches with an approximate weight of 3.7 lbs. Integrated 13 feet power cord minimizes the need for extension and increases mobility. Stacked construction reduces vibration and it has a ball joint cord for better cord durability.

Last thoughts on the Bosch MX30EK-33

The MX30EK-33 kit comes with 33 useful accessories to make your job that much easier whenever using the tool. It can be used for a variety of jobs on different surfaces, so you have the blades and attachments to allow this. The 3.0 amp tool has a lot of power, so if you have a lot of heavy duty work this is a good option to use. The Bosch MX30EK-33 oscillating tool kit provides a lot of practical use at a very reasonable price.


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