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Bosch MX30EC-21 Multi-X Oscillating Tool Kit Review

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

The Bosch MX30EC-21 is meant for heavier applications with a powerful motor and a variety ofBosch MX30EC-21 tools that will facilitate users to complete multiple tasks easily. Switching between the bundled accessories is made easy with a lever system. Swap the accessory and lock it in by rotating the lever. It’s time saving and handy.

Designed for a huge variant of applications, the oscillating tool kit is one complete bundle for professionals and home users alike. The product ideally suits tasks including sanding, cutting, grinding and scraping. You can also use it for grout removal and different cutting applications such as flush cutting or plunge cutting.

Made by a brand which has a strong reputation in the field of power tools, the MX30EC-21 oscillation tool and kit from Bosch is exceptionally heavy duty with a user friendly design and easy to operate functions. It’s readily usable and offers reduced vibration for high precision quality applications.

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Key features of the Bosch MX30EC-21

Bosch MX30EC-21 reviewErgonomic, Small Grip Design

With prolonged usage in mind, the equipment is designed with a small grip that easily fits every wrist size and its lightweight design makes sure users never experience wrist fatigue. Ergonomic design of the handle provides better comfort and control over the tool when it’s being used. It is surrounded by soft grip rubber on front, rear and sides for added grip. The rubber also keeps the equipment from sliding off when left on slippery surfaces.

3.0 AMP motor power

Get every type of cutting and sanding tasks complete with ultimate perfection, powered by a 3.0 amp motor. The Bosch MX30EC-21 is reliable when it comes getting heavier applications done. It is capable of delivering 8,000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute. The total oscillation angle is 2.8 degrees equally split between both directions.

Cutting depth range

Like other products from the brand, the oscillation tool features a completely flat nose which facilitates users go for a full 13/16” inch cutting depth range. Such levels are accomplished using standard segment blades measuring between 3 to 1/2″ inches for flush cutting doorjambs.


Variable speed dial allows you to control the output speed to match application and surface. Constant Response Circuitry is a system which assists in maintaining consistent speed when working under load.

Toolless blade changing system

Blade system in the Bosch MX30EC-21 is controlled by a tool less accessory change lever. The product comes built-in with an accessory holder which is spacious and durable, favoring easy swap between OIS oscillating tool accessories. Users need not rely on external tools such as a wrench or screwdriver to change them which saves time and helps them switch between accessories to complete different tasks at the same time.

Bosch-MX30EC-21-5a Bosch-MX30EC-21-6a

Additional information

Besides featuring a rugged stacked construction for robustness and easy brush access, the oscillating tool is capable of rendering more power for faster cutting. Its dimensions are 11 x 3.75” inches and weighs 3.7lbs.

The tool has a 13 feet cord which makes it extremely convenient to use on large surfaces without using additional extensions. It is powered by 120V input and comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty. Bundle includes a segment, a grout blade and two plunge cut blade besides a scraper blade and sanding pad. Included carry bag makes it easy to carry the kit wherever you go.


Last thoughts on the Bosch MX30EC-21

As you would expect from a Bosch tool, the MX30EC-21 is extremely well made and user-friendly. It also provides a lot of power and versatility so it can be used for a wide range of projects. The accessories will enable you to perform the wide range of jobs, and the handy carrying bag will make it easier to carry the kit around. The Bosch MX30EC-21 is not the cheapest oscillating tool kit you will find, but you are paying for the quality and durability that is clearly apparent in this product.


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