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Bosch MX30EC-21 Multi-X Oscillating Tool Kit Review

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013:

The Bosch MX30EC-21 is meant for heavier applications with a powerful motor and a variety of tools that will facilitate users to complete multiple tasks easily. Switching between the bundled accessories is made easy with a lever system. Swap the accessory and lock it in by rotating the lever. It’s time saving and handy. Designed for a huge variant of applications, the oscillating tool kit is one complete bundle for professionals and home users alike. The product ideally suits tasks including sanding, cutting, grinding and scraping. You can also use it for grout removal and different cutting applications such as […] Read More →

Dremel MM40 High Performance Oscillating Tool Kit Review

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013:

Made to deliver the best possible results, the Dremel MM40 is packed with features which are mainly focused towards helping contractors, designers and construction agents complete multiple tasks using a single piece of equipment. A broad range of tasks can be completed using the multi max accessories bundled with the MM40 oscillation kit. Tools are made to significantly reduce time spent in tasks and help professionals complete them with assured precision. The Dremel kit is powered by the tool less quick lock accessory change system. The feature supports tool less swapping and facilitates users to switch between any accessories within […] Read More →

Bosch MX30EK-33 Multi-X Oscillating Tool Kit Review

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013:

The basic requirements of tasks vary from one surface to another and an efficient tool will ideally meet such demands. The Bosch MX30EK-33 comes bundled with 33 accessories in one single oscillation kit which is meant to help professionals complete every work with precision and efficiency. It is a power packed product with high power motor that is designed for heavier applications and for hard surfaces. The MX30EK-33 tool is powered by constant response circuitry system which makes sure consistent power is maintained even when under load. Integrated on/off switch and easy to hold design puts the versatile power right […] Read More →

Dremel MM20 Multi-Max Tool Kit Review

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013:

The Dremel MM20 is a product for both residential and professional construction related tasks. It comes bundled with a wide range of accessories made for a variety of task. This oscillating tool is extremely versatile, and is an ideal tool for both residential and professional construction related tasks. The MM20 is heavy duty and is capable of withstanding rugged applications. It is powered by a high power motor which is 50 percent more powerful than previous models designed by the manufacturer and delivers consistent speed throughout the cutting or sanding process. A robust motor design and construction is an integral […] Read More →

Bosch MX25EK-33 Oscillating Tool Kit Review

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013:

A useful addition built-in to the Bosch MX25EK-33 oscillating tool is the ability to switch between variable speed settings available according to the surface and the depth required. The equipment is highly versatile, designed with the capability to enable experts to do a variety of tasks and use it on almost every surface without additional accessories. The kit comes from a known brand which has a strong reputation for producing heavy duty power tools and machines that offer exceptional quality and productivity. You can use this product for different applications including flush cutting, scraping and sanding needs. It also suits […] Read More →

Bosch MX25EC-21 Multi-X Oscillating Tool Kit Review

Monday, November 25th, 2013:

The Bosch MX25EC-21 oscillating kit is designed to be highly versatile and is a multi-purpose tool which can be used to complete a variety of tasks. The machine with its bundled accessories can be used for grinding, sanding, scraping, plunge cutting, grout removal, flush cutting and many other applications. The integrated speed dial makes adjustments easier. The compact design of the MX25EC-21 makes it easy for professionals to move it around tight corners and difficult spaces to use it conveniently. The bundle comes with an Allen wrench which is useful to make changes and positions accessories easily. The MX25EC-21 tool […] Read More →

Porter-Cable PCE605k Corded Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit Review

Monday, November 25th, 2013:

The Porter-Cable PCE605K corded cable is a multi-purpose oscillating tool kit that comes bundled with a variety of accessories. The tool kit is ideal for working on varied tasks on every surface type. The heavy duty tool looks rugged and has a premium finish to it. The exterior is covered with high grip rubber sole that offers exceptional durability and grip. Professionals when working with the tool will appreciate the integration of rubber throughout the design, which makes it a lot more comfortable to use. Even though, the tool is corded, the maximum length of the cord makes sure there’s […] Read More →

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